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WTOsys ---- An E-commerce System with Great Features:
    (it is available to order/demo.)

1. Languages: Chinese and English
2. Category Listings: By industry and region
3. Search Engine: By industry and product
4. Registration: Membership and newsletter
5. Membership Management: Access by security level, and
    security setup system
6. Company Profile Web Page: Company logo, company homepage,
    contact information, and company introduction
7. Showrooms: Individuals or companies can self-design one or    multiple showrooms under different categories
8. Product Listings: Graphic images
9. Product Display: Product descriptions, web links, prices,
    detailed links, zoom-in pictures, shopping cart
10. Promotion Page: Setting promotional prices from time to time.
11. Company News Page: Company news and press releases, in text     and with images
12. Customer Feedback: Customers can leave comments
13. Shopping Cart:
   a. Put selections in the cart and purchase at the time
   b. Change selections
   c. Put multiple selections in the cart and make purchases at a later
14. Purchase Order Form: Purchase orders generated on-the-fly and    printable
15. Purchase Order Query System: Clients can obtain updated    purchase orders at any time.
16. Company Account Management ( Protected Secure Access):
   a. Updated order information upon entering
   b. Company profile updating
   c. Order reporting system: search and report status of all orders
   d. Customer relationship management: tracking each customer's    activities
   e. Customer profile management: create/modify/delete
   f. Showroom management: create/modify/delete
   g. Company press releases and news: text and images
   h. Feedback management: create/modify/delete
17. Statistics Reporting:
   a. Visitors: by page, by showroom, by product, by date,
        by customer
   b. Company sales:
        Sales report and charts
        Sales report by product
        On-stock report by product
18. System Options:
   a. Language
   b. Region
   c. Country
   d. Industry categories
   e. Company profile
   f. Member profile
   g. Advertisement
   h. News

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